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No God

I'll start the ball rolling. Christians have no proof that the crap in their religion happened except a book written two thousand years ago by a bunch of crackpots influenced by a preaching Jew hopped up on magic mushrooms. I have the feeling lots of Christians are born lobotomized due to their belief of the bible. How can a person tell how history went if there was no written language or record? How would a writer know the EXACT words coming out of a person thousands of years before them if they were the only two to exist (I am of course referring to the extremely ludicrous story of Adam and Eve)? Snakes can't talk people! I'm too angry to continue so I'll leave you with something that a famous philosopher called Friedrich Nietzsche said.

"Every word that comes from the lips of an 'early christian' is a lie, and his every act is instinctively dishonest-all his values, all his aims are noxious, but whoever he hates, whatever he hates, has real value....The christian, and especially the christian priest, is thus a criterion of values"

Friedrich Nietzsche
The Anti-Christ

Accept the words or choke on them.

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